May 2024

The weather has been mixed in Borrowdale this month, ranging from really hot, dry, sunny days to wet ones. Still, this is a temperate rain forest as recognised by others. Natural England and The National Trust have declared the Borrowdale Valley as a national nature reserve. There is so much to appreciate in this part of the world, both flora and fauna. The azaleas and rhododendrons are in full bloom adding so much colour. Yet the small woodland in the hotel grounds offers a cool contrast and, judging by the winner at Chelsea Flower Show this year, forest gardens are very topical. As for animal life, we have had red deer grazing the lawn, a pheasant family of six chicks trying to hide in the bushes and the return of red squirrels after a couple of months where they had been chased away by a grey one. One of the highlights of the past few weeks has been the arrival of a number of pied flycatchers, visitors we have never seen before here.